Wasted Water/No Rain Sensor




Metered Water Consumption

Managing Water Use

Business is increasingly aware of the need to use water more efficiently to reduce their risk of water shortages increasing costs. There is a strong business case to be made for water efficiency.

Planning is the foundation of effective water management. Facilities should consider forming water management teams to review water use and develop implementation plans in the context of achieving the established management goals. This review allows the organization to evaluate progress, set new goals, and continually improve.

Metering allows a facility to monitor water use and quickly find and fix leaks or other unnecessary water use. It also has the added benefit of enabling the facility to identify cost-effective water use reduction opportunities and to track project savings.

Leaks are water wasted with no intended use or purpose; once identified, leaks should be the first area to target from a water management perspective. With a few simple steps, a facility can establish a comprehensive leak and repair program, which can save water, money, time and expenses that would otherwise be associated with unmanaged leaks.