Gate Valve Repairs

A curbstop is a water control valve located on the property line of most private dwellings or commercial properties. It's purpose is to facilitate the isolation of water supply to the customer. Coastal Utilities solutions will locate and ensure proper function and access for isolation valves and replace if necessary.

Inspect for proper function and when, deemed necessary repair and replace any worn or broken components or complete valve assembly.

Valve Inspections




Curbstops/Property Shutoffs

Valves are used for various purposes in water distribution systems, including isolation, air release, drainage, checking and pressure reduction. Isolation valves are the most common type used in distribution systems. 
Buried gate valves with valve boxes are typically used for isolation of small-diameter water mains and water services whereas butterfly valves are direct buried or installed in chambers and are typically used for large diameter mains.
‚ÄčIsolation valves require regular exercise to ensure that they are accessible, are in their proper position (open or closed), are operable and are not leaking.
Isolation valves are prone to deterioration and failures such as stripped, broken or bent stems; leaking O-rings or packing; corrosion of the valve body and connecting bolts; and wear on the valve disk and seat.
‚ÄčThe added value of exercising valves is the numbered amount of turns equates to the potential size of valves for any record changes to water distribution system tile maps.